Society of Genealogists' Library, London.


Gravestone inscriptions at Leigh, Kent, for WAITE

(KE/M21: MIs 1702-1962 recorded by J.E. Frost, 1969)


  • Samuel WAITE , died August 9, 175?, aged 27 years.
  • Samuel WAITE , died April 11, 1758, aged 69 years.
  • Thomas WAITE , son of Edward and Mary Waite, died August 23, 1784, aged 23 years. Susanna, dau. of the above, died September 22, 1773, aged 9 months.
  • Elizabeth , dau. of Edward and Mary WAITE, died February 28, 1790, aged 19 years.
  • Edward WAITE , died March 17, 1795, aged 68 years.
    (Inscription on the other side of this stone is illegible, but a stone next to the above, largely illegible, reads "left issue 4 daughters, Mary Martha, Mercy, Ann, and Philadelphia". Probably Edward Waite's wife, Mary, is also on his stone. She is probably the Mary Waite of Leigh who was buried November 4, 1815, aged 82).
  • Richard WAITE , late of this Parish, died 21 February 1811, aged 51 years. Also, Ann, his wife, died February 4, 1821, aged 60 years.
  • Sophia WAITE, died 20 January 1837, aged 16 years.  Henry, brother of the above, died 26 September 1840, aged 22 years.
    Note that Sophia WAITE was buried 26 January, 1837, aged 16; and Henry Waite was buried October 2, 1840, aged 22 years; according to the Leigh Parish Register.
  • Sarah, wife of Thomas WAITE of this parish, died 24 January 1842, aged 48 years. Thomas WAITE, died 18 May 1862, aged 78 years.
    Note that Sarah WAITE was buried 31 January, 1842, aged 48; according to the Leigh parish register.


Interestingly, some of the burials recorded on stones did not turn up in the transcript of Leigh burials up to 1837, also done by Frost.


Pedigree and Descendants Charts for the above people:

All the pedigree charts go back to the first WAITE family in Leigh - Edward and Anne, and even to their parents William Waite and Elizabeth Wells of Tonbridge, Kent. A full descendants chart for them is given below: